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Its Traditional….

When you learn Bansuri, you not just learn the instrument. You learn Indian Classical Music, its tradition and its cultural context.

Sangeet Ratnakara – the 12th century musicological text on Indian Classical Music – says that Indian Classical Music can be used for either enjoyment (Bhukti) or enlightenment (Mukti). Indeed, to even see the glimpse of either, this tradition is learnt on all of Body, Mind and Spirit levels.

Learning Bansuri is not just about practicing instrument. It is also not just about learning theory of Ragas. It is about assimilating the entire culture and tradition. And providing this entire learning experience is our goal.

We believe, short of going to Gurukul of a great Guru and learning full time, this site is a great way to be part of two thousand plus years old tradition.

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Its Modern…. employs modern tools to impart traditional knowledge. It trains not just instrument techniques or rules of a Raga, but it imparts knowledge around the art, the culture and the tradition in which this instrument and its music lives.

We all wish we could learn music full time in traditional Gurukul. However, it is not feasible for many of us. We may have a full time job and full time commitment to school/college. uses social network, mobile capabilities, data and other modern tools that allow you to have powerful interactions with teacher and fellow students. It also uses modern techniques to keep you motivated.

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Its Convenient….

Modern life is fast paced and hectic. Many of us find it very difficult to make time for a hobby even when we badly want to. Some of the hurdles that many of you may be very familiar with are – unpredictable work schedule, long commute times. offers convenient way to learn. Because of its nature, you can learn at place and time convenient to you. There are no fixed times or schedules to follow. You will save time that you would otherwise spend to go to a physical class. You will not be required to schedule fixed time to be in front of Skype.

This will actually give you more time to learn and spend that time in a smart way.

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Its Way Better…. eLearning is way better than learning on Skype, Hangout or any other video conferencing based learning

It is better because it takes out both technology limitations and limitation in contact time.

Video conferencing technology is not yet suited for real time online teaching of music for all sorts of reasons – delays and lags and all the issues that come with it to coordinate.

Additionally, this method suffers from many other drawbacks – it is typically fixed time duration and at fixed time. This may not be convenient. Additionally, because of its nature, very little time can be spent on imparting knowledge beyond the technique of the instrument. eLearning is way better than any other internet based teaching. We turn this model on its head. You have a lot of time for self study and collaborating with your fellow students online, with supplement of Google Hangouts as appropriate.

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