If you happen to own a so called idevice (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) made by Apple, you may want to consider buying iTablaPro app. I am truly impressed with the quality of this app. Here’s why –

  1. It generates tanpura sound that is much much better than any electronic tanpuras I have ever used. In fact, I would go as far as saying that it sounds better than most real instrumental tanpuras and is very close in sound quality to a full size tanpura.
  2. It generates tabla sound that is much better than any electronic tabla. Obviously, there is no substitute for live tabla accompaniment, but short of that this is the best alternative for regular practice.
  3. It has additional perks like Surpeti, Swar Mandal (Indian harp) that add very nice effects to a concert.

I bought an external dock for iPhone which amplifies the sound of iPhone (the sound produced by iPhone speakers is not loud enough for accompaniment). Bose Sounddock portable model comes with batteries and sounds great.

More on it here – http://upasani.org/home/iTablaPro.html

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