If you are interested in hosting my concert, it will be my delight and privilege to perform for you. Do contact me using the form below after reviewing basic information below.

There are a few simple requirements as precondition to my performance at your venue.

  • The focal point of the event should be the music. An environment  of dignity and respect for the music and the musicians must be maintained by the audience. No one in the vicinity of the music area will show indifference to the music, no chats/talks, no moving around or doing some other work. Listening to the music must be the only focus of the audience. Occasional sober shows/gestures of appreciation are, however, common in Indian classical music scenes.
  • I specifically do not perform in restaurants, weddings or any other events where music is used for the purpose of creating backdrop for main activity in the event. There are a only a few exceptions to this, like performing as a backdrop to Yoga or meditation sessions.
  • The performing artists should be provided platform/stage that is either at the same level or at an elevated level from the audience, except where it is not possible for members of audience to follow this protocol due to age and/or disability reason.
  • A good quality Sound Amplification System is required. The system must have four microphones. Indian classical music is not very loud, and has a wide range of both amplitude and pitch variations. There are soft parts of extreme melodic intricacies (using micro-notes) which need amplification to be appreciated by the audience. That is why we need amplification in even a small home gathering.
  • The system must also have basic capabilities to provide reverb and echo to individual tracks. Unamplified Bansuri sound tends to pick up natural reverb of a good venue and echo/reverb help restore that in amplified setup.
  • Under certain terms, conditions and circumstances, I can arrange my own sound amplification system. This arrangement must be explicitly agreed to ahead of time.
  • Commercial terms of the performance should be agreed to ahead of time, certainly prior to the day of the performance.


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