Raga Unveiled is beyond any doubt the most comprehensive documentary ever made on Indian Classical music.

I was made aware of this documentary by a friend. It had a showing of shorter 2 hour version in a local Bay Area auditorium. I could not attend it due to some personal commitments. But then, some of my musician friends, who watched the documentary highly recommended it to me. I bought the DVD and was so impressed by it that I watched the entire 4+ hours length of it in one sitting.

Raga Unveiled makes excellent attempt to address the Indian Classical Music (or to be precise Hindustani Classical Music) from many angles. It explains the origins and progress of this art form in the context of the progress of Indian civilization over last 5000+ years. It explains the basic concepts around Ragas, Taals and presentation styles. Moreover, these concepts are presented and explained by some of the highly accomplished and respected musicians and music critics of modern times and yet it is meant for both students and listeners of music.

This DVD is a collector’s item. I have myself watched it several times since I bought it last September.

Watch Raga Unveiled Trailer –

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1SbC35jBWU[/embedyt]


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